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This Blog is Dedicated to the xBox 360 XNA Console. We will be posting images, information, and Articles written by us about the XNA 360 Console. Developed back in 2009 for game developers this Console really shook the xBox 360 Community and was the Prelude to the xBox 360 We now see have and play today. With unforgettable features and Blue tint. It is by far the best xBox built to date.

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XNA xBox 360 Console: Information

By 421 Studios
Back in 2009 at the Game Developers Conference, Microsoft announced one of the best Developer Tools I've seen in a long while. The New "SDK" shown and talked about was given 1 Gigabyte of Memory so all developers working with the Console and system tools. Would be able to run background programs and tools without Hurting the Console's Ram. This new Console, the prelude to what you and I are now use to seeing and playing is in my eyes one of the best.

With it's Blue Tinted DVD Rom Casing, Blue Tinted Eject button, The Blue Tinted Hard Drive on top which looks like an over sized Hard Drive but a very cool one at that to it's XNA Signature below the power button. This console is one amazing and easy on the eyes case to look at. To have had the chance of owning and playing the XNA xBox 360 Console you would have had to be a Registered Game Developer. leading many of the Fans, Gamers and Members of the xBox 360 community left Drooling from the mouth.

The console was specifically created for the Developers of xBox 360 Games, and Software. The software being the Avatars and all the On Screen Menu Items so many of us Take for granted these days. The XNA xBox 360 console really made it way easier for Developers on small and big sizes to create more games, in game items and allowed for more production. Even though we have the xBox 360 Elite console which is the Child of the XNA xBox 360 Console, we enjoy the benefits of of 60 Gig to 120 Gig Hard Drive. Something back in 08 and 09 was still in development.

XNA xBox 360 Console came fully developed and ready for play. Even though the first few Generations of xBox 360 consoles where "Flawed" as some have said. With Red Ring Of Death Rates as high as 50%, it really makes you appreciate how far the xBox 360 Console has come and where it is heading. For Me The XNA Developers Console is a beautiful well made Gaming platform and one for the ages. It astounds me to be able to sit here and have pictures and articles about this unique machine.

Developers who initially received the XNA xBox 360 console, where given the Console with it's Blue tinted Items and Matching Controllers. A Real incentive if you ask me from Microsoft for developing amazing Games. If you really search, and look hard on Forums and Google XNA xBox 360 Console you'll find rumors of what games and what Developers used the XNA System for. With Halo 3 ODST being something Bungie was developing way back on this Console is one, and so many others.

The XNA xBox 360 console is really a unique case, and really is a Situation that back in 1997 Sony's Playstation Development team was trying to accomplished and failed. Sony developed a console called "Net Yaroze" which in Japanese Translates to "Lets Work Together". Made only Directly From Sony for $750 USD the XNA Mirrors what Sony was trying to do back then and failed when it comes to gaming consoles and development's of new games for Gaming Consoles World Wide.

The "Net Yaroze" failed partly because of all the Technical problems with the system. Only having a Few Megabytes of Ram to work with, many games where held back. The ones that did succeed where ones with Visually stunning Pictures and less stunning Graphics. The Original Ridge Racer is a good example of a Great Game to work on Sony's Playstation. Through Lack of Developer Tools and all features that later came out the "Net Yaroze" eventually failed and Developers moved on.

This is where the XNA xBox 360 console levels the field when it comes to allowing Developers access to all the features and developer tools made available from Microsoft. With one gigabyte of Hard Drive space and ram and having the allowed "Power" to run back ground programs and tools. It gave developers more room to run and more abilities to what they need to have successful games and in menu items. The XNA Console with it's Ethernet connection which the "Net Yaroze" didn't have allows for more freedom between the PC and XNA Developer Console. PlayStation's "Net Yaroze" only had a connection which allowed for you to play right on your computer screen, and you had to Download everything onto a Black Playstation Disc.

XNA's Hard Drive and Developer tools replace the failures seen with PlayStation's Net Yaroze and really set off the industry on many levels. The Console has many great features and one's that allows Fanatics such as Developers all over the world to really feel a sense of "Community". Since before hand Console maker's didn't give out any Developer information on how they did what they did. The XNA Console and Software broke the bounds of limited information and gave the community a new direction and set an example that other console makers will be following.

With Reportedly Double the RAM of xBox 360 console's today, Games run smoother and faster on any of the XNA xBox 360 Console's. The XNA Cases are also called "Developer Kits" or "Dev Kits", with little amount of PR if you Google or Search Youtube you will only find so many videos and so little information. Though the Price tag on of these Consoles can range from $8,000 to $20,000 USD. Which puts this Console @ the top of my most wanted Gaming Consoles next to the "Net Yaroze".

This console is really the hidden Gem of xBox 360 Consoles. I own an xBox 360 Elite, and have seen the new xBox 360 Coming out shortly with it's 250 gigabyte Hard Drive, built in WiFi and Project Natal Compatible. Though the XNA xBox 360 "Dev Kit" Console is really the Treasure of Gaming consoles. This is why the XNA is in my eyes one of the best consoles made for developers that should have been available to the public. I've seen many fakes and people trying to sell there supposed "Dev Kit" xBox 360 but none are as real as the ones you'll find from "Legit" developers.